KeyTouch is a program which allows you to easily configure your extra function keys of your keyboard. This means that you can define, for every individual function key, what to do if it is pressed.

KeyTouch version 2 is designed for Linux kernel 2.6 and is the first program of its kind that perfectly works together with kernel 2.6. If you want to use keyTouch on an older kernel (except 2.5), use keyTouch version 1.

This manual will show you how to use keyTouch 2.2. KeyTouch has two configuration programs: keytouch and keytouch-keyboard. keytouch is used to configure the actions of the function keys, set some preferences and manage plugins. keytouch-keyboard is used to choose the current keyboard and can be started by clicking the "Change..." button in the "Keyboard" tab of keytouch. Because you need root privileges to run keytouch-keyboard, you will be asked for the root password.

Marvin 2006-07-25